A Taste of America: Discover the Flying Dutchman at Smoke & Pepper

The Flying Dutchman

At Smoke & Pepper, we are all about delivering meals packed with bold flavours. From our flame-grilled chicken to our Aberdeen Angus grass-fed British beef, every bite is an adventure. And now, we are thrilled to introduce our latest star: the Flying Dutchman, featuring delicious onion buns.

Introducing the Flying Dutchman

In the world of burgers, there is a different kind that stands out. It’s called the Flying Dutchman Burger.

This burger, unlike its traditional counterparts, comes without a bun. It’s a simple yet flavourful combination of meat and cheese.

The viral Dutchman Burger features two smashed beef patties with American cheese, burger sauce and seasoned grilled onions for buns. Accompanied by pepperoncini and a serving of special sauce. Beef patties made fresh daily, using 100% grass fed, dry aged British Angus beef.

Get ready to discover something special with the Flying Dutchman. This tasty creation features perfectly grilled patties nestled between savoury onion buns, adding a unique twist to a classic favourite. 

Every bite tastes delicious with juicy beef and seasoned grilled onion buns. The Flying Dutchman isn’t just a burger, it’s an experience that brings the taste of America straight to your plate. The Flying Dutchman ‘Burger’ recipe offers a unique twist on the traditional burger experience by omitting the bun and focusing on the delicious combination of meat and cheese.

Unravelling the Mystery: The Legend Behind the Flying Dutchman Burger

The Flying Dutchman Burger has a fascinating backstory, linked to the legendary ghost ship. It’s an exciting journey for your taste buds.

The Legend Behind the Name, The Flying Dutchman Burger gets its name from a legendary ghost ship known as the Flying Dutchman. According to folklore, the ship was cursed to sail the seas forever. Therefore the name, The Flying Dutchman inspired by this tale, offers a unique twist on the traditional burger by omitting the bun and focusing on the core elements of meat and cheese. This unusual way makes the burger interesting and worth trying.

The name “Flying Dutchman” originates from this historical context, yet this type of burger named the “Flying Dutchman” has been a creation of In-N-Out. The concept is a bun less burger sandwiched between two slices of caramelised onions.

What Makes a Flying Dutchman Burger?

The main components are two juicy beef patties sandwiching between slices of caramelised onions and melted cheese. This tasty combination makes the Flying Dutchman Burger different.

This bun-less burger gained popularity as people began substituting caramelised onions for traditional buns.

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