Our History

One team, One vision

How it all began

Smoke & Pepper was developed from a busy family kitchen having a desire to serve the highest quality comfort food being affordable to all. Then, new burger joint has now turned into a raved-about restaurant in the heart of Leyton due to our passion for food and creative cooking. To find that perfect burger, days and nights were spent tasting recipes and sourcing ingredients thus, securing our love for grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef. Using freshly ground 100% dry aged beef to craft the delicious juicy burgers we have on offer. From the beginning we have attracted social foodies from all over Instagram and TikTok.  The success thereon followed when we opened in Leyton in 2022 and now onto our newly curated hybrid of a takeaway-meets-restaurant feels, within the popular Bow arches for 2024.

The journey is a personal one. As co-founders, our commitment runs deep, fostering connections with local farmers for responsibly sourced ingredients. Our franchise vision is about realising dreams. We’ve been there, and we’d love to guide aspiring entrepreneurs who share our passion and come join our family where dreams become reality.

Want a bit of this?

Who we are

Our food will transform your taste buds, whether you’re health-conscious, an instagram-worthy foodie, or a passionate diner. While we are known for our burgers, flame grilled wings & chicken, we love to push the boundaries of what makes great food.  Our chefs are constantly concocting unique combinations to bring you the perfect balance of comfort and quality.

We love burgers! Yes, we’re a burger joint. But we aren’t the type to be bogged down by labels. Our menu is filled with options for everyone regardless of their preferences.

At Smoke & Pepper there’s only one dietary restriction you’ll be limited to: food that’s made to taste great!